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The unique aromas and tastes of the wines originate in the extraordinary variety of soils in the Lavaux.  Whether the vine’s nourishment comes from earth that is dry or flinty, rocky or rich, the flavours of the terroir are transmitted to the wine.

Slow work, over millions of years, carried minerals from the centre of the earth to the surface, modifying the structure of the soil and giving the terroir its particular characteristics. Under tremendous pressure from deep within the earth, masses of rock were turned over and mingled, swathes of land folded and wrinkled, and marshes filled with loam. Then, the glaciers carved and upended the soil, leaving glacial debris and rocky land in their wake.  Finally, man set to work, modelling the slopes and fashioning the terraces to hold the earth in place.


So, from this chaos, the vineyards of Lavaux emerged.