The transmission of an Art

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Blaise Duboux’s ancestors worked hard to improve the land, from generation to generation, from proprietor to proprietor. As Swiss novelist, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz said:

“There is strength in these lines of men that remain in the same places, with the same ideas that they pass on and transmit. They do not die altogether!”

They left Blaise this landscape, where everything has been shaped by man to tame the grapevine. When contemplating the countless walls supporting the terraces where the vines offer themselves to the sun from waterline to skyline, one cannot doubt that the hand of the winemaker is that of an artist.

The origins of the Duboux family in Lavaux can be traced back to the 15th century.

I believe that the passion driving our family today derives from the passion that drove my ancestors in the creation of our Domaine.  Come to Epesses and visit our house – the wines from our vineyards describe our long and wonderful story far better than my words ever could.